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watch the new video “Growing Young” from LA rapper Dumbfounded!

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Check out Lupe’s newest music video ‘Bitch Bad’. In addition to this video Lupe sits down with MTV and discusses his view points on music nowadays. You can check that here. What do you think about his views on music in this day of age? Do you agree with him?

Watch our interview with Power 106 LA’s DJ Ingwell. Look out for the new issue dropping soon!

Peace July, Hello August.

A little throwback Bone Thugs N Harmony never hurt nobody. 

New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, and Rio De Janeiro. Each city has it’s own distinct personality, creative culture, and musical background. adidas Originals is taking the idea of self-expression and creating a global movement for everyone to be involved in. With different events expected to take place and a variety of media forms being used, it’s going to be another successful campaign that adidas can put in their books. Watch the clip above and see how many celebrities you recognize. And you already know we’ll keep you informed on the latest news from “All Originals Represent”.

Check this: the official music video for “No church in the wild” from Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaboration album, Watch the Throne.  It’s been a good minute since they released the album but the hype has continued to be on a steady high. At least we got this video to hold us off until we hear news of WTT2. 

Check out the recap video from Rosewood Radio featuring The 5th Element Magazine crew and Ike Nice. Always a good time being on the show and DJ A-Ron spins only the newest joints. Make sure to tune in every Tuesday 8pm at RosewoodRadio.com

What’s good Everyone?! We recently had a two day adventure exploring The Agenda TradeShow at the Long Beach Convention Center and got a sneak peek at Spring and Fall 2012. We walked around and asked some of the vendors what trends and styles do they think or want to come back in the seasons to come and what is good with Cut and Sew. Peep the video bellow for our recap of the show. We will have Individual interviews up throughout the coming weeks. Enjoy!

The 5th Element team caught up with DJ Miles, a local DJ who has the passion and drive to go higher and achieve greater success. This behind the scenes video is a sneak peek to the full article, debuting inside the second issue of the5thelementmag.com. We will also be releasing a free mix by DJ Miles made just for The 5th Element Magazine. Stay tuned.

"Our Common Thread"

Check out more of DJ Miles at facebook.com/djmilesplaymysong

Camera: Karen Capalaran, Video Edit: Allan Daus

NASA & STEM with Pharrell Williams & Leland Melvin from Illusive Media on Vimeo.

"we need our government involved. to appease the curiosity of the youth. because, ultimately, if you’re not curious about something, you’re more than likely not going to learn it."

preach, Pharrell!

he shoulda been a science teacher. 

Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas gives The 5th Element Magazine a look at his “magnetic” style. Check out the video and support his new shoe line Taboo Deltah 3008.