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Kanye West debuts his new line of Womenswear for his Fall and Winter 2012 collection. We spy dark, leather silhouettes, subtle, urban tones, and high, futuristic stiletto boots. A peek into Catwoman’s closet, we almost can’t believe that Halle Berry was not at the show. Do you think Kanye has an eye for women’s fashion? If you need to see more of his new collection click here

Always ahead of the fashion world, Paris Fashion Week continues to amaze spectators and buyers. When you add Mr.West to the mix, you are sure to gather some big name celebrities, along with a bevy of press behind them. Take a look at these pictures…who do you think was more “fashion forward”? The collection or the people who attended? 

What’s good Everyone?! We recently had a two day adventure exploring The Agenda TradeShow at the Long Beach Convention Center and got a sneak peek at Spring and Fall 2012. We walked around and asked some of the vendors what trends and styles do they think or want to come back in the seasons to come and what is good with Cut and Sew. Peep the video bellow for our recap of the show. We will have Individual interviews up throughout the coming weeks. Enjoy!