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kelly rae carroll. LA street style.
10 Deep - Holiday 2012 
Click here for the rest of the collection.
janelle monae.
You live life on an everyday basisWith poetic justice, poetic justiceIf I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?
-Kendrick Lamar
Black Scale - fall/winter ‘12 
"Desire" lookbook.
Shop Black Scale.
Add this to the unique camo prints found on the streets. 
Kanye West in a Supreme green tree camo field pullover jacket. From Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection.
This was taken outside of the Celine 2013 show during Paris Fashion Week. Yea, we’re taking a #latepass on this one, lol. Thanks creativeboysclub.com for the photo.
Would you wear this jacket because (A) Kanye wore it, (B) ‘cause it’s Supreme, or (C) ‘cause it’s a different camo print?
Hip-hop fashion is all over Instagram these days. 
Check out Wale with some Timberland boots on, a trend that’s been on rappers since the 90’s. The “Timbs” are coming back in a big way today.
Who are you following on Instagram that you look up to in terms of their style and swag?
Pharrell and Solange at the private viewing of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Bee Line. A collaboration from Mark McNairy and BBC/Pharrell. The collection displays McNairy’s eye for great menswear and BBC’s outrageous patterns and colors. Streetwear meets menswear, a popular trend that will take over 2013. Photo via Complex.com.
Dust yo beanies. Or go buy a dope one. Either way, tis the season to wear beanies all day every day.